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Best Travel Agency in Bangladesh

Best Travel Agency in Bangladesh – Travel makes people happy. There is no dearth of people who love to travel. The travel agency needs to have a proper idea about the various promotional items of your trip. It helps the tourism sector in both the public and private sectors.

No matter where you want to go in the world, you must contact a travel agency to book your tickets. You can book your ticket directly if you want. But if you book your travel tickets with the help of a travel agency, you can get a discount.

There are travel agencies for traveling to different countries of the world. Bangladesh is no exception. We think you should know about the best travel agencies in Bangladesh. Travel agencies offer their services through packages. Some agencies have very good offers on packages and some agencies charge more.

Choose the best travel agency to make your trip more enjoyable. A bad agency is enough to spoil your travel peace. Currently, there is a number of travel agency companies in Bangladesh that are providing various travel-related services to regular passengers. Although there are a large number of travel agencies in Bangladesh, how far are they ahead in terms of service or quality? If you don’t know about it, you can’t choose a good travel agency while traveling.

Best Travel Agency in Bangladesh

I will provide you with information about the best travel agencies in Bangladesh. So today’s discussion is aimed at helping those of you among our readers who love to travel and are interested in knowing about the best travel agencies in Bangladesh. So dear readers read our entire post with interest through which you will know about the best travel agencies in Bangladesh and also we will tell you about the best ten travel agencies for domestic and foreign travel. So today’s post is very important for those of you who are interested in traveling and want to know about travel agencies.

We have listed the most popular and best companies in our list From here you can complete your tour from any of the best travel agencies as per your choice and convenience. The quality of every agency offered here is very good. Most of the passengers are concerned about the service quality and reliability of travel agencies located in Bangladesh. Below we have published an excellent list of the top 10 travel agencies located in Bangladesh for your market convenience.

goFLY Limited

goFly limited is a travel agency service provider that has been occupying the best position in the travel industry of Bangladesh for a long time. This agency has been providing good customer service for almost 7 years. You can resort to goFly Limited for any type of tour within the country or outside the country.

If you are looking for a good agency for travel then you can use it. Currently, this agency has a good rating online. Keep an eye on their official website for various packages and discount offers.

  • goFLY Limited Address: 1/1, Shukrabad, Dhaka 1207
  • (Beside New Model College / Opposite Metro Shopping Mall)
  • Number: 09639203090 / 01713289170-9
  • Visit goFLY Limited website by clicking the name.

International Travel Corporation

Another prominent travel agency based in Bangladesh is International Travel Corporation also known as ITC. It started its journey in Bangladesh in 1990 as a travel agency company. This travel agency is certified by International Air Transport Association IATA. They are currently working towards leading transportation services through logistics support in various parts of Dhaka and Chittagong, the 2 largest cities of Bangladesh.

Galaxy Travel International

Galaxy Travel International Company has been operating its main travel service since 1972 after the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. As a result, they have become one of the most reputable and popular travel agencies in Bangladesh. They also brought a change to Boro which is the flight booking service. Which they first added to their list of services in 2002.

Sharetrip Limited

Next and one of the best Bangladeshi travel agency companies is Share Trip Limited. Any travel within the country or abroad will give you a huge discount. You can easily travel to any country in the world at a low cost.

One to multiple-person packages can be availed through share trips. If you want to travel alone within the budget then a share trip will definitely be the best for you. This travel agency currently has a rating of 4.4 stars online. We have listed it in the list of best travel agencies in Bangladesh.

Dynamic Travels

Another travel agency serving Bangladesh is Dynamic Travels. They are a leading travel service provider based in Bangladesh under International Air Transport Association. So you can avail of all kinds of travel-related services from them starting from flight booking. They are more experienced and modern compared to the leading travel agency service providers in Bangladesh today.

Hajee Air Travels

Haji Air Travels is a very comprehensive and good agency to travel from Bangladesh to different parts of the world. Their customer reviews are very good. We have placed it at number 1 on the list of best travel agencies in Bangladesh. You can book various packages and order tickets online through their own website. And if you want you can contact their own office and complete the necessary activities.

Cosmos Holiday

Cosmos Holiday arranges special packages on the best tourist spots. This travel agency has been operating for more than 10 years. There are different kinds of discounts according to different spots. Taking these factors into consideration, we have included them in the list of best travel agencies. Currently, the customer rating of Cosmos Holiday is quite good. Visit their official website now to know about various travel-related offers, tour packages, and ticket booking discounts.

TALON Corporation Ltd.

Talon Corporation started its travel operations in Bangladesh in 2009. TALON is certified by various reputed associations like TOAB, BD, ATAB, IATA, and others. They are providing travel services in Bangladesh with principles and commitment. Their travel office is located in Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Horizon Express Ltd.

In 1997 the first travel company Horizon Travel International started its journey. In addition to this, they are an organization accredited by the International Air Transport Association of Bangladesh and the Association of Travel Agents of Bangladesh. They are giving travel-related administrations and business and coordinated factors administrations to Bangladeshis.

Amy – Online Travel Agent

Amy-BD is a new travel agency established in 2016 in Bangladesh. It is a real-time and easy-going travel agency. They provide many airline travel services including Bangladesh Novoair, Bangladesh Biman, and US-Bangla Airlines. Their head office is located at Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh.

We have listed the ones with the best customer ratings in the Best Travel Agencies in Bangladesh post. Everyone’s preferences may not be the same, but various complications can be seen in traveling without a travel agency. Travel agencies will make you suitable for travel.

By selecting any of the travel options mentioned above, you can avail any travel related services. If necessary you can get the necessary information from their help center. Thanks for reading the best travel agency in Bangladesh post so far. But don’t forget to mention which agency was the most suitable for your travel.

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