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Drukair Dhaka Office

Drukair Dhaka Office Bangladesh is located in the Skybangla Aviation Limited, Sonartori Tower, 12 Sonargaon Road, Dhaka 1000 in Bangladesh. Drukir Royal Bhutan Airlines operates flights from its hub Pero International Airport to 5 countries and ten international destinations. Within Bhutan, the airlines provide internal services to Bumthang and Trashigang. The airline has 4 aircraft and operates scheduled services from its main hub at Paro International Airport. Its location is 65 km from the capital Thimphu.

Located in the Himalayas, Bhutan has plenty of natural beauty to offer visitors. The monuments, the spiritual aspects or the architectural majesty displayed in the invincible landscapes all makes Bhutan one of a kind. Extensive environmental awareness of the country suggests that 50% of the country’s land is reserved as a national park. The smoking ban is responsible for a minimum level of pollution. Whether it’s mountaineering, leisure walking, spiritual travel, enjoyable cooking or wildlife travel, ‘Asia’s Happiest Country’ will never disappoint you. Book a flight to Bhutan for your next vacation and experience.


Bangladesh Address of Drukair

Find below customer care, details of Drukair Dhaka Office, which includes the address and telephone. You can book tickets, cancel or get offers on all flights operated by means of Drukair. Reach the Drukair customer support for queries on reservation, cancellation, rewards or others.

Drukair Dhaka Office Bangladesh Contact

Find Dhaka sales agent office of Drukair in Bangladesh

Drukair Dhaka Bangladesh Office Address
GSA (Cargo) & PSA (Passenger)
Skybangla Aviation Limited
Suite No 6C (6th floor) Sonartori Tower
12, Sonargaon Road (Adjacent Banglamotor)

Drukair Dhaka Reservation Office Contact Numbers
+88 02 9632747

+88 02 9632746

Drukair Dhaka Office Email Address
[email protected]

Drukair Dhaka Working Office Hours
Saturday-Thursday: 09:00–17:00

Friday: Closed

Drukair Official Website


How much baggage allowance on Drukair flight?

Scheduled international flights are required to be checked. Allowances are as follows:

  • Economy Class 30 kg (66 pounds)
  • Business Class 40 kg (88 pounds)

Infants who pay only 10% of the applicable airfare are not entitled to any free baggage allowance.

Unchecked Baggage/cabin Baggage Special Regulations

  • Rules issued by Drukair Corporation You must keep your cabin bags in the overhead bin. Thus the overall dimensions are limited to 45+35+20 cm (17+13+8 inches). Weight must not exceed 5 kg in economy class and 7 kg in business class.
  • These rules will ensure that cabin baggage does not prevent the cabin of the aircraft from being removed in an emergency.
  • Please consider this when packing your luggage and please confirm that any items exceeding the above limitations have been shipped as check baggage.
  • The spot will be checked at startup to ensure that these rules are being followed.


Drukair Booking Classes

Drukair booking is available for two travel classes.

Economy class: Economy class provides comfortable and spacious seats.

Business Class: Seats are comfortable with good legroom.


Drukair Food & Drinks

Passengers will now be able to enjoy well-balanced meals in both economy and business class. All food on board is commendable. The airline offers a wide range of meals for customers in business class where they will be presented with their own food and bar menu. Drukair offers a wide selection of specialty foods to meet different dietary requirements.

Note: Travelers who want to taste Bhutanese food can order Bhutanese food under special food before leaving their flight. The airline requests its passengers to order special meals 72 hours in advance.


Amenities offered by all Drukair Flights

  • Tashi Delek (In-flight magazine)
  • Excellent in-flight Cuisine
  • Duty-free and merchandise
  • In-flight entertainment


Drukair Online Check-In

To check in for Drukair online, contact airlines customer care support.

Drukair Airport Check-In

The airport check-in opens two hours before the scheduled flight departure and all counters will close 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure. However, check-in counters in Delhi, Kathmandu and Kolkata will be closed one hour before the scheduled flight departure.


How to check Drukair flight status?

Drukair flight status can be obtained by entering the departure date and flight number.


Drukair Frequent Flyer Program (HappinesSMiles)

HappinesSMiles, Bhutan’s first frequent flyer program started on November 10, 2014, with the birthday celebration of the start anniversary of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gialpo Jigme Singe Wangchak and his glorious enlightened and visionary vision, the Gross National Happiness.

Members of this program can earn miles corresponding to Drucair and the class that received the service. Accumulated miles can then be redeemed for reward flights, award upgrades at airports, and you can enjoy other benefits as well as join higher membership levels.

Drukair offers 3 tiers of membership:

1. Silver (Basic tier) As a silver member, you get unparalleled opportunities to earn and drop miles on happy prize tickets, happiness class upgrades and more.

2. Gold As a Gold Member, you enjoy many more benefits including 10 kg extra luggage allowance, complimentary lounge access at Paro International Airport.

3. Platinum (the elite tier) As a Platinum member, you revel in many more benefits, including a further 20 kg bag allowance, complementary front room gets entry to with a visitor in all Drukair sectors, and a complimentary class upgrade at the airport.


Drukair Flights – Things to Know

  • Comfortable seats
  • Preferred seat selection
  • Special assistance for infants
  • Manage Booking Option


What is the size of Drukair fleet?

As of 7 March 2020, Drukair fleet consists of the following aircraft:

  • Three Airbus A319-100
  • One Airbus A320neo
  • One ATR 42-600


About Drukair

Drukair is a royal government of Bhutan-owned airline that manages the investment wing, Druk Holdings and investments. The Kingdom of Bhutan’s national airline operates a scheduled network from its headquarters in Paro, a picturesque valley in western Bhutan in the South Asian region.

Drukair activities began on February 11, 1983, in Paro, a picturesque valley in western Bhutan, 65 km from the capital Thimphu. During this time, little was flown for Paro’s helicopter operations. Drukair humbly begins with the 18-seater Darnier 228-200, which opens at the Paro Airport on January 14, 1983 with the opening prayers, swarms, shells and the like, with the blessings of the Maroon-dressed monks and its historic historical touches. The first link was Kolkata, followed by 6 destinations in South Asia, including Dhaka. As more people descended into the sky, not only to connect, but also to enjoy the most breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains, including Mount Everest, Mountain Kanchenjunga and Bhutan itself, the highest mountain, another Darnier was added to meet the growing demand.


Flights to Paro, Bhutan – To the Land of Thunder Dragon

A zamindari state nestled in the lap of the majestic Himalayas is one of the happiest countries in Asia. Interestingly, Bhutan is the only ‘carbon negative’ country in the world. Their unique national identity with the country’s rich cultural heritage and spectacular mountain scenery makes them a vibrant ethnic group that is still the most picturesque and peaceful place in Bhutan for most foreigners. The Paro Valley is home to countless species of flora and fauna. It is the main city center and a district of Bhutan.


Best time to visit Bhutan

The non-uniform region of the country leads to different weather conditions. South Bhutan has a tropical climate, with hot and humid summers. The central parts of Bhutan have a winter climate, which is cold due to the presence of dense winter forests. The best time to book your Bhutan tickets is from October to December, which is marked by means of sunny skies and funky weather, which enhances the panorama of the country. Book flights to Bhutan as soon as possible to get the best travel experience!


How to reach Bhutan

6 km from Paro, Paro International Airport – you can reach the city in less than 30 minutes by car. Direct flights to Paro are available from Dhaka, Guwahati, Kolkata and Delhi airports. Popular airlines operating on this route are Bhutan Airlines and Drukair. Travel time on direct flight is about 1 hour from Dhaka.


Places to stay

Bhutan offers a variety of accommodation options, ranging in price from BDT 3,000 to BDT 30,000. You can either plan a cheap trip to Bhutan, or a luxury one according to your needs. The strategy is to pick your hotel and flights to Bhutan depending on your budget and preferences. For a great stay, you can choose luxurious hotels. On the other hand, if you want to travel cheaply to Bhutan and save a few thousand on accommodation, you can choose from several budget hotels in the country. These hotels cost BDT 3,000 and provide all the basic amenities. Most of the hotels are located in the major cities of Bhutan, Thimphu and Paro. It is advisable to book your Drukair tickets and hotel rooms in advance.


Places to visit in Bhutan

Whether you are looking for a spiritual escape or uncovered scenic beauty, Bhutan is the perfect destination to plan your trip. Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan Booking air tickets to Bhutan soon, Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, gave tourists the opportunity to explore the country’s religion and architecture. Buddha Dordenma, Tashicho Jajang, Thimphu Chorten, Matithong Takin Preezer and Clock Tower Square, are some of the tourist attractions in Thimphu. Another big city in Bhutan, Paro, has places like Taksang Palfag Monastery, Chel La Pass, Rinpong Jung, National Museum, Kichu Lakhang, Jandrakha Temple, etc. You can book your Bhutan flight tickets in advance to get the best price.


Shopping in Bhutan

Colorful piles of sweaters and shawls, prayer beads and flags and handicrafts are some of the items you need to buy here. Paro Chencho Handicrafts offer an interesting selection of embroidery and weaving where you can also knit some artisans on the spot. The Lama Shering Dorji Shop is an interesting place where items like incense sticks, amulets and butter lamps are kept for sale. There are also rare stamp and record player collections in gift and souvenir shops.


Eating out in Bhutan

Bhutanese cuisine is usually accompanied by a lot of chili and fermented cheese along with any other food. One of the famous dishes of Bhutan is Emma Datshi which is prepared with a lot of chili and Datshi (local cheese) with a good amount of butter and served with red rice. Kiowa Datishi is another version of it and it is usually light and ready with potatoes and peppers. If you are a meat lover, try Faksha Pa. It contains pieces of pork or yak with dried chillies and fresh veggies.


Drukair FAQs

Q: ✅ What is the airline code for Drukair?
A: The code of Drukair Airlines is KB.

Q: ✅ How do I cancel my Drukair flight?
A: For tickets purchased online with a credit card, please send an email to [email protected] to cancel the ticket. If buy tickets from a travel agency then contact your agent.

Q: ✅ How many planes does Drukair have?
A: Drukair have 5 aircraft.

Q: ✅ What airlines fly into Paro Bhutan?
A: Bhutan’s national carrier, Drukair, and Bhutan Airlines both operate international flights to Bhutan’s international airport in Paro, about an hour and a half away from Thimphu.

Q: ✅ Which airlines go to Bhutan from Dhaka?
Q: Drukair provides flights from Dhaka Airport to Paro Airport.


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